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Company matching is awesome!

Company matching is an important part of our fundraising; it helps the club balance the checkbook.  There are a few ways this works for your company and how your company helps us.  

Donation matching:  Many companies will match your donations to non-profit organizations like ours, dollar for dollar.  Some may donate $0.50/$1.  Any contribution a company matches is free money for SVUC!  

*Don't forget you can donate directly, too (https://snoqualmievalleyunicycle.wildapricot.org/admin/website/?pageId=18108)  A good tool come end of year for taxes!  

Volunteer hours:  Many companies will contribute a set dollar an hour ($/hr) for each hour you volunteer with us.  Did you serve as practice manager?  Attend a board meeting?  Create costumes?  If you gave your time directly to our club, then you might be able to submit those hours to your company and they will pay us $ directly (e.g. $10/hr).  Many companies have a threshold as high as a few thousand dollars total per year.  Again, this is free money for SVUC!  

These contributions allow your company to be gracious and support the organizations their employees (you) want to - they also get a tax break. 

But they won't do all the work for you.  You'll have to make it easy for them. . . 

  1. Save your receipts, and/or checks 
  2. Remember/note the dates and times
  3. Check with your HR department about charitable resources available to you and see if you are already setup with SVUC (if not, please set us up for the ease of the next person at your company - we can help with that!)
  4. Our taxID information and non-profit status is available on this site to help you find us and file your donations/time correctly
  5. And, you can always ask questions (contact treasurer@snoqualmievalleyunicycleclub.org

It is not difficult or time-consuming, and your company benefits with a tax break (so could you!)  

No contribution is too small!  And any contribution allows us to continue with great resources (such as new unicycles), pay for events  like high-profile halftime shows and parades), contribute or provide funding to a unicycling scholarship fund,, and market, advertise and promote our club and the onederful sport of unicycling!  

Thank you for your support!  

Companies that have contributed to SVUC in the past include: T-Mobile, Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, and more!  

Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club (SVUC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

PO Box 317 North Bend WA 98045 US

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