2020-2021 Outdoor Season

Due to online schooling this year, we are not able to get access to our gym in North Bend so we have decided to have an outdoor season! We will be utilizing Parks, parking lots, and possibly covered areas to ride, improve our skills and teach beginners.

Unicycle can be team or individual sport and is very easy to ride and practice social distancing. We will ask that riders that are less than 16 years of age bring a guardian/sibling/parent that is at least 16 years of age. Parents must sign a release form for a 16-year-old to act as a guardian.

Please come join us and give it a try for no cost!

When does the season start and what is the schedule?

The season  will resume on Monday, March 1st (2021) for riders that are at least level 1 and on Wednesday, March 3rd for beginner riders or riders that are not yet level 1.

    • Wednesday 3:00pm-6:00pm (First day of practice for Beginners)
      • All riders 
      • Beginner coaching will be available (Hands off instruction, bring a helper)
    • Mon/Tues/Thurs 4:00-6:00pm
      • Mon- Performance Team/Tricks (level 2 and up)
      • Tues- Any level with no instruction from club provided.
      • Discipline Expansion (level 2 and up)
    • Thurs- NAUCC (level 1 and up)

Note: Please see our calendar for where each practice will be help. Please make it a habit of looking at the calendar before coming to each practice just in case our location to meet changes.

Where will practice be held?

The board is currently looking into options. Please follow the calendar for the location of the practices as they will change. They will all be in the Snoqualmie/North bend general area.

What do I need for the first practice?

    • Facial coverings (required to ride for both rider and helper/parent)
    • Concussion Release form completed (one per rider, must be complete to ride)
    • COVID-19 Release form completed (one per rider, must be completed to ride)
    • Temporary guardian release form completed (one per family, optional)
    • Athletic comfortable clothing (preferable shorts or tighter legged pants)
    • Athletic shoes. (No boots, flip-flops, etc.)
    • Standard bicycle helmet or helmet

How do I stay connected?

Please visit our Get Connected page to learn how to download and set up the Mobile apps that we use to manage the team communication the practice schedule. 

What about Covid-19, social distancing, and face masks?

  • We will be practicing outside, able to practice good social distancing and facial coverings will be required to ride.
  • Beginning riders that need assistance to ride will need to bring at least one person to help. The coaches can teach and demonstrate how to ride, but will not be able to directly help by holding or stabilizing.
  • We will be taking temperatures during the sign-in process. Anyone with a temperature or that have other Covid-19 related symptoms will be asked to leave and return only after the standard quarantine period.
  • We ask that everyone try to social distance as much as possible.

What equipment do we need for practice?

  • Facial coverings are required to ride
  • Athletic comfortable clothing (preferable shorts or tighter legged pans)
  • Athletic shoes. (No boots, flip-flops, crocks, etc.)
  • Standard bicycle helmet or helmet

Can I come if I am not a member?

Absolutely, please come and give it a try. We have unicycles for all ages to try and there is no pressure at all to join. 

Can I come if I am a beginner?

Yes, please come we can help you start riding! 

What if I need a unicycle?

If you need a unicycle please email membership@snoqualmievalleyunicycleclub.org with height and we will bring a unicycle for you to try to the the first beginner practice on the first Wednesday.

What ages can come?

Usually our riders are from ages 5 and up. We have unicycles for all ages!

When will it start?

We will be starting the season in the middle of September to maximize the time we have good daylight and weather. 

What will we do?

Like our normal seasons we will have:

  • Unicycle check-out
  • Beginner coaching
  • Advanced freestyle skills training and coaching
  • Distance riding
  • USA Level testing
  • Performance squad (with routines that are able to utilize social distancing)

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Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club (SVUC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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